Corporate & Enterprise Subscription Pricing

LINKUP Networking is priced to make it affordable for companies of all sizes!

BEST VALUE! - Corporate & Enterprise Subsciption Pricing

Get Access To Unlimited Virtual Meetings At Discounted Pricing!

- Ranges from 50 to 5,000+ employees

- Unlimited events

- Inclues kickoff training

- Ranges from $4.00 to as low as $1.00 per employee / month

Other Services

These complementary services can be quoted by your account support specialist.

Onsite Meeting Support

Our experts have ran over 1,000 onsite speed networking events.

When success is a must, leave it up to the experts in speednetworking!

Dedicated Support Specialist

If it is support that you need, it is support that you will get!

Let our dedicated support specialist take away your worries and angst!

Run My Meeting Lobby

If it is important for you to have support the day of the big event, than schedule our experts in advance!


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