About LINKUP Networking!

LINKUP Networking was created by the founders of Speednetworking.com. Speednetworking has been an industry leader in onsite and virtual events for over 12 years.

As Speednetworking.com evolved our clients keep requesting a solution that would connect their employees and members on a monthly basis. It was from these continual request from our clients that LINKUP Networking was born!

LINKUP the Leader in Virtual Networking & Meetings

LINKUP Networking was established to help address an important need for corporations and associations, by helping connect employees and members stay connected via virtual networking.

The LINKUP Networking platform constantly increases everyone's personal network of AI-matched contacts, providing them with a solution that continues to help them grow and develop personally, which in turn helps the organization thrive.

The Importance of Virtual Networking

In todays world of increased economic pressures and increased cost of travel, onsite shows, events, meetings and even daily work is being conducted via virtual meetings. LINKUP is a market leading solution that helps everyone stay connected and actually increases personal connections better than in person events.

With LINKUP virtual meetings can be conducted daily, weekly, monthly or based on any frequency your organization desires.

Constantly Increase Everyone's Network of Important Contacts!

LINKUP Networking provides employees and members with online access to all their past contacts of their virtual meetings. It provides everyone in the organziation with a simple way to follow up with all these contacts on an ongoing basis.


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